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Speak to our dietitian today for support on our products and plan.

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Dale story

“OPTIFAST has given me a new lease on life
– I’m officially a new man!”

Dale started the OPTIFAST plan after being told by his doctor that he needed a hip replacement.

He discovered he was too heavy to be operated on, so his doctor recommended Dale use OPTIFAST to help him lose 3st, before looking at gastric band surgery to lose more weight after that.

His doctor suggested Dale replace two meals a day with a small serve of protein of a night, fish, lean steak or chicken breast with the allowable veggies as per the OPTIFAST recommendations.

After starting OPTIFAST, Dale quickly lost the 3st – and he didn’t stop there! He kept going until he’d lost an incredible 17st.

“I never went back to have the gastric sleeve as I decided I needed to do it for myself to prove that I could - and also still enjoy a meal at the end of my journey.”

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Dale story

Q. How did you find the experience on the OPTIFAST plan?

I found the experience on OPTIFAST very rewarding.

Over 40 weeks I lost every week for the total of 17st. I didn’t once cheat which I feel with walking every day got me the results that are that huge my doctor is writing a paper on my results.

The difference between other products on the market and OPTIFAST is that being scientific, it gives you all the vital ingredients that the body needs to survive whilst allowing your body to use your fat storage’s for fuel.

Trust me when I say you can do this. I was 218kg down to 114kg but just dig deep for the first 10 days as that was the hardest until I hit ketosis which then suppressed my hunger and after that just stay true to yourself.

I tried all the OPTIFAST shakes, bars and soups. My favourite was a Chocolate shake which I would have a teaspoon of coffee in which got me through my pre-journey addiction

Dale story

Q: What difference has OPTIFAST made to your life?

OPTIFAST has turned my life back 30 years to the lightest I’ve been since my early 20s and has given me a new lease on life and a date where I’m now considered low risk for my hip replacement in August 2020.

Give it a go if you have tried other diets with no success. The only person you need 100% on your side is the reflection you see in the mirror, and a strong mind.

I had an awesome team behind me from family, work mates, family doctor and dietician and some fabulous friends from social media who support you no end as they understand your journey better than anyone close to you.

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