OPTIFAST Protein Plus Shakes

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OPTIFAST Protein Plus Shakes contain high amounts of protein to help maintain muscle mass and manage hunger pangs whilst on a weight loss Diet Plan.

Available in 2 flavours, these make the perfect substitute for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each serving contains 249 calories and 28g of protein, 40% more protein than standard OPTIFAST Shakes. Just add water to the mix and shake well.

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When should I take protein plus shakes?

These meal replacement shakes can be taken throughout the day. Featuring essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre, you need to support a healthy lifestyle, our Protein Plus Shakes make a perfect breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

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Will 2 protein plus shakes a day help me lose weight?

Our 6 Week Diet Plan is tailored to help you lose weight significantly, asking you to replace one to two conventional meals with our range of meal replacement products of choice in the first three weeks. Adding two Protein Plus Shakes can help reduce your calorie intake to support a healthy way of living.

Consult your GP or a healthcare professional for more information before.

What happens if you drink protein plus shakes without working out?

If you’re following an OPTIFAST diet plan, it’s suggested to avoid strenuous physical activity, as your calorie intake is drastically reduced. However, moderate exercise, such as walking, is still the perfect option to support your weight loss journey.

What are the side effects of protein plus shake?

Adopting a new diet plan could be challenging, as it could bring changes to the way you live. OPTIFAST Diet Plan asks you to replace one to two conventional meals with the OPTIFAST range of meal replacement products and reduce your daily calorie intake to 800 – 1,000. Drastically reducing your calorie intake may lead to fatigue and constipation.

Consult your GP or a healthcare professional if you’re experiencing any discomforts.