OPTIFAST Meal Replacement Soups

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There’s no substitute for a hearty bowl of soup when it comes to a healthy meal. OPTIFAST Soups are available in three different flavours, including Tomato, Vegetable, and Potato & Leek, giving you a variety of options for a hot and satisfying meal. These soups can be eaten at any phase of your OPTIFAST weight loss journey and provide 20g of protein in an easy to prepare and filling meal. The OPTIFAST meal replacement soup contains 27 different vitamins and minerals to ensure your body is getting the essential nutrients it needs.

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When Should I Eat Soup to Lose Weight?

OPTIFAST Meal Replacement Soups can be used to replace one to two main meals to achieve weight loss. The range features tailored formulas that contain 27 essential minerals and vitamins with 216 calories, providing a nutritious alternative to fuel your weight loss journey.

Can You Lose Weight Just Eating Meal Replacement Soups?

It’s advised to substitute one to two main meals with OPTIFAST Meal Replacement Soups to contribute to your weight loss objectives. In addition to incorporating OPTIFAST meal replacement products into your routine, having a balanced diet along with an active lifestyle are suggested to achieve the best results.

How Many Meal Replacement Soups Do I Need per Day?

It’s recommended to take a combination of two OPTIFAST product servings per day to contribute to your weight loss goals. Discover OPTIFAST range of meal replacement products, from weight loss bars to OPTIFAST soups, and from healthy desserts to nutritious shakes.

What are the benefits of meal replacement soups?

OPTIFAST Soups boasts its specially designed formulas, providing a nutritious alternative with 216 calories to support your weight loss journey. Substitute one to two main meals with OPTIFAST meal replacement soups help to maintain long term weight loss success.