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OPTIFAST 6 Week Weight Loss Plan

Our Six-Week Plan was developed for people who want to lose weight on their own, using a clear framework.

Centred around scientifically designed OPTIFAST products, our Six-Week Plan combines nutritional knowledge and exercise tips with behavioural strategies that can fit easily into your lifestyle.

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How does it work?

First 3 Weeks – Replacing all daily meals

• Enjoy 4 Optifast meal replacements per day as your sole food consumption

• Total calories intake per day: average 800 kcal

• Avoid strenuous physical activity

Last 3 weeks – Reintroducing conventional meals

• Gradually reintroduce conventional foods in place of the Optifast meals with a daily calorie consumption of up to 1200kcal/day

• On your week 6: 2 low-calorie cooked meals + 2 Optifast meals per day

• Conventional meal recommendation: low in carbohydrates and minimally processed foods. Recipes available here

• Regular light exercise program should be included

End of 6 weeks

Maintain your weight loss with our Maintenance Plan or one of our Intermittent Fasting Plans.

A program of regular light exercise enhances wellbeing and therefore the likelihood of success.

Choose Your Plan

We are offering 3 plans to fit different stages of your weight loss journey.

You can start with 3 weeks plan and continue your journey with the last 3 weeks plan or commit to the full 6 weeks diet plan from the beginning.

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