Physical Inactivity and Lack of Exercise Increase the Risk of Obesity

Physical inactivity and lack of exercise increase the risk of obesity

Lack of exercise and physical activity may increase a person’s risk for obesity. Today more of us than ever before are living a sedentary lifestyle. Only one in three people gets little, if any, exercise according to the World Health Organisation.

People work on their laptops while sitting at a desk for long hours. Children use gadgets rather than playing in the park.

So, how exactly does the lack of exercise cause obesity?

When we eat more calories than our bodies need, those extra calories convert into fat. So, when our food intake is too high for our activity levels, and the physical activity we do is not enough to utilize that energy provided by food, fat starts to accumulate. This is how physical inactivity contributes to obesity among the masses.

You may find it surprising that physical inactivity is considered as a major cause of obesity as compared to high-calorie diet as per the research of Stanford University.

Besides this, the lack of physical activity and obesity are associated with the development of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, and even cancer. Subsequently, the lack of exercise is causing a global obesity epidemic resulting in an annual healthcare cost of $117 billion.

So, what should we do instead? Start your day with a morning walk then commute to your workplace on a bicycle, if possible. After work, play physical games with your kids which will strengthen your bond with them as an added advantage. You can also plan breaks to get up and stretch your legs throughout your workday. Try taking a 2-minute walk around the office every hour or use the stairs when moving between floors instead of the lift.

To help prevent obesity and other harmful effects of physical inactivity, adults should aim to get the equivalent of two and a half hours of moderate-to-vigorous exercise each week.

You can also enjoy a little pre-workout snack like an OPTIFAST shake or meal bar which will energize your body.

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