Best Weight Loss Exercises for Beginners

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Losing weight doesn’t need to be hard, it’s just about knowing the best methods to do so. Due to their simplicity and effectiveness, these weight loss exercises are the greatest for beginners.

So, whether you’re just looking to switch up your routine or you’re just starting out – these are the best exercises for weight loss that you’ll have to try.

How Much Exercise to do Per Week to Lose Weight?

The NHS suggests that an adult should engage in 150 minutes of exercise every week. It may sound like a lot, but it’s only 30 minutes a day if you break it down into five days working out and two days to rest and recover! If you’re unable to complete a 30-minute workout, don’t worry. Try splitting your sessions into three shorter workouts to gradually build up your endurance.

If you’re a beginner who has just started exercising, it doesn’t matter how long your session is and how many calories you burn – what’s important is that you’re doing what you’re capable of doing. In your beginner’s exercise plan, you could start with shorter sessions and gradually progress the intensity and duration.

We’ve listed the top four workouts for beginners to kick-start your new routine.

Beginner’s Exercise Plan: Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Water Aerobics

Water sports are a great option if you’re experiencing joint pain or are overweight, as water supports your body weight and takes the burden off your joints. In a water aerobics session, you’ll learn some resistance moves you can perform in the water which can burn, on average, 336kcal per hour for a person who weighs around 84kg.

These moves will help increase your muscle strength and build endurance, making this exercise one of the best options to increase your metabolism, and support your weight loss goals.


Walking is one of the easiest exercises to kick-start a healthy lifestyle. It takes little-to-no effort, allows you to experience the outdoors, take in your surroundings and burn calories – everything you could ask for when exercising.

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Planking is an easy, yet effective static exercise to build up your muscle strength and increase your basal metabolic rate.

When planking, you should start in the press-up position, rest on your forearms, and keep your back straight. Hold for as long as you can – up to one minute – without allowing your hips to drop, and rest for 30 seconds between each set. As simple as that – this movement works to train your abs and core strength without breaking into too much of a sweat.

Building your core can be difficult – it requires dedication, exercise and a balanced diet. Check out our guide with top tips that help you strengthen your abs.


Swimming is a vigorous cardio activity that elevates your heart rate to a fat-burning zone, where your body uses stored fat to generate energy, which can contribute to weight loss. Like water aerobics, it’s also one of the most popular exercises, as it’s easier on joints than other cardio options.

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Adapting to a new active way of living can be exhausting and takes some getting used to. Setting up a reward system is crucial to keep you motivated and on track, especially once you’ve met your weight loss objectives. This might include a soothing massage, new workout gear or simply a delightful treat.

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Once you’ve mastered all of these weight loss exercises for beginners, running could be a great activity to incorporate into your routine. Discover everything you need to know about how to get the motivation to start running, along with all our top tips and tricks to boost your fitness levels even further!

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