How to Get Motivation to Start Running

How to get motivation to start running

No-one is immune from feeling a lack of motivation from time to time. If you’re going through a running slump, just remember it happens to the best of us – but fortunately, there’re a few effective ways to get the motivation to start running and get outside pounding that trail.

So, how do you find that motivation to start running?

1. Identify your ‘why’

First things first. Think about your reasons for running. Make a list of your ‘whys’ on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you’ll see it regularly, like your fridge. Maybe you want to achieve a target weight, increase your endurance or you simply love the sense of freedom you get from running. Whatever your reasons, reminding yourself of your ‘whys’ will help keep you motivated.

2. Set goals

Secondly, make sure you’re setting S.M.A.R.T goals to develop your running habit. These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. For instance, you may focus on running every day for a week or complete a training journal.

Goals will make running more interesting, inspire you to keep pushing yourself and reaching new milestones, and you will get motivated to run again.

3. Reward yourself

Another effective way to increase motivation is to create a reward system. As you achieve each goal treat yourself to some new running gear, a massage, or choose an OPTIFAST meal bar as a reward for your hard work. Your reward will work as positive reinforcement and invigorate you, strengthening your commitment to running regularly.

4. Remember the health benefits

Running can tremendously improve your health. You can even motivate yourself to run in the morning, by reminding yourself of that lovely Vitamin D from the sun which is necessary to keep bones strong and healthy. Think how energised you’ll feel from your natural stress reliever.

On top of that, seeing your body change will motivate you to lose more weight by running every day.

All these health benefits will encourage you to keep running.

5. Join a community

Sometimes we need external influence to stay accountable. Join a running club and turn working out into a social activity. Even if you don’t run with your running buddies every day, you can keep in touch throughout the week to hold each other accountable. Having a running partner can provide you with a motivation to start running again.

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