How Morning Exercise Can Kickstart Your Day

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We all know that physical activity and exercise are key components of weight loss, but it can be difficult to make these a part of your daily routine – between work, family and other commitments, where do you find the time?

The truth is, it’s not easy to find an extra 20 to 30 minutes in your day to exercise – you really have to intentionally carve out the time. But with consistency and determination, you can make it happen and find a way to make it both beneficial and enjoyable.

Morning Exercise Top Tips

  • Lay out your workout clothes the night before to save time
  • Consider having a small pre-workout meal, such as an OPTIFAST shake or meal replacement bar, to help fuel your body
  • Stay motivated by thinking about how good you feel when you’ve started your morning off on the right foot and how that sets the tone for your entire day
  • Switch your exercise regime up now and then to avoid boredom. Focus on the exercises you enjoy – it’s all about making morning workouts a habit to look forward to
  • Make an exercise playlist to listen to and give your workouts a boost

The Benefits of a Morning Workout

Now that you know how to incorporate morning exercise into your daily routine, let’s talk about the great benefits morning exercise has to offer.

Builds Self-Discipline and Consistency

Morning exercise will help to give you and your metabolism that extra boost needed to start the day. It also helps to build self-discipline, making it easier for you to become more consistent with your new morning exercise routine.

Over time, not only will your weight loss be greater, but you’ll also gain the motivation needed to reach your goals – in every area of your life.

Appetite Regulation

Research suggests¹ that morning exercise helps to better control appetite and cravings throughout the day and may help you to feel fuller after meals.

Improved Mood and Energy Levels

People who exercise regularly in the morning have reported² increased energy levels and improved mood. Surprisingly, research also suggests that exercise awakens the mind even better than coffee!

Fewer Distractions

First thing in the morning, you won’t yet be bogged down with errands, phone calls, texts and emails. You can take this quiet time to do something for yourself without anything else getting in the way.

Improved Sleep

Studies show³ that morning exercise improves overall quality of sleep by helping you to sleep better through the night, meaning you’ll wake up more energised to start your day.

Reduced Stress Levels

Release some tension and sweat your stress away. Exercise increases endorphins, improving your mood and overall wellbeing, putting you in the right mindset for the day ahead

Enhance Your Metabolism

Morning exercise also helps you to boost your metabolism and burn more fat throughout the day.

How to Add a Morning Session to Your Weight Loss Exercise Plan

When it comes to choosing an exercise programme, you should always start slow and work your way up. Don’t worry if it takes a little time to find the one that’s right for you. Before starting any new exercise programme, you should check with your doctor to make sure it’s safe for you.

Experts recommend⁴ that the average adult get 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, along with strength training two days a week. This amounts to about 20 minutes per day of exercise, but remember you may need to work up to this goal.

Here are some ways you can add more exercise into your day:

  • At home – you can do something as simple as climbing your own stairs. You may also consider purchasing light weights or resistance bands to use as your fitness levels improve
  • Outdoors – go for a brisk walk, jog or a combination of both. Ask a friend to come along to motivate you further
  • At the gym – try water aerobics or a group fitness class, and seek out instruction on strength training exercises. Remember to warm up to avoid injury, stay hydrated and finish with a cool down. Always check with your doctor before embarking on any high-intensity exercise

Physical activity and exercise play a key role in your weight loss journey and making it a part of your daily routine will take some time. Just take it one day at a time and soon enough you just might find yourself looking forward to your morning exercise.

Maintaining long-term weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Small, consistent efforts each day will add up to big results over time – you just need to take that first step and get started.

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