How to Tone Up After Weight Loss

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After following a diet plan, and reaching your weight loss goal, you’ll likely be left with a totally different body shape than what you used to have, which can take some getting used to. 

To help improve self-confidence in your new body, focus on doing exercises that will help you tone up, build muscle, address any loose skin, and improve your fitness. 


3 Exercises to Tone Up After Weight Loss

1. Weight Training

Working out with weights can be a great way to tone up your muscles, improve your fitness, and increase your strength.

Performing lunges or squats while holding weights can help tone your lower body and build muscle. If you’re a beginner, you could start with tins of food or full water bottles before working your way up to heavier weights. These exercises will also work your arms and shoulders, so you can strengthen multiple muscle groups all at once.

Start with just a few reps every day, then challenge yourself by slowly increasing the number of squats or lunges while also gradually increasing the amount of weight you are lifting.

Try this flexibility and cardio workout for beginners that you can do at home to help you ease into the world of exercise:

2. Sit-Ups

If you want to tackle your stomach after weight loss and work your ab muscles, sit-ups or crunches can be a good way to concentrate on this core area.

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Try to get into the habit of doing sit-ups every morning, and just like with weight training, challenge yourself on doing a few more each week.

3. Yoga

Yoga is another great form of exercise for toning multiple areas of your body. There are many different types of yoga workouts available online and through in-person classes, so you should be able to easily find one that suits your ability and body shape.

For most of us, yoga can feel very gentle, but there are some types of yoga that are incredibly effective for improving your flexibility while also toning your arms, core, and leg muscles.

How to Tighten Loose Skin

Exercises that are designed to help you tone up after weight loss may also help to tighten loose skin. It’s important to be consistent and keep up with these exercises to see the effects over time.

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It’s also important to bear in mind that the amount of weight you’ve lost and your genetics impacts how much loose skin you will have. This means that everyone’s results will be different.

Regularly exfoliating and moisturising loose skin may also help towards improving its appearance and even potentially reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Exfoliating has been associated with helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, as it improves blood circulation and the removal of dead skin cells, which can lead to an increased production of fresh new skin cells.
  • Moisturising can also help, as there are many skincare products that contain ingredients designed to tighten the skin and help improve its appearance.

Toning up is just one of the many parts of your weight loss maintenance journey, and you may want to consider trying our OPTIFAST Maintenance Plan, which encourages the continued use of OPTIFAST meal replacement products, alongside minimally processed conventional meals.

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