How Many OPTIFAST Products Should I Use Per Day?

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For all the OPTIFAST weight loss plans, the recommended number of OPTIFAST Bars, Shakes, Soups and Desserts to eat each day changes according to which diet plan you’re following and which stage of the plan you’re at.

If you’re new to the OPTIFAST programme or transitioning to a new plan, you may be unsure of how many OPTIFAST products to have each day for your specific plan.

To make sure you’re staying on track with your weight loss goals, it’s important to use the right number of OPTIFAST products for your diet plan. To help, we’ve created this handy guide.

Six-Week Plan

Our Six-Week Plan is the most intense weight loss plan; it’s designed to help you lose weight independently by following a structured framework.

For the first three weeks of this weight loss plan, you consume four OPTIFAST products (if you use the Bars, make sure you do not exceed two per day), for a total of approximately 800 calories.

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After you’ve completed the first three weeks, for the next two weeks, you consume only three OPTIFAST products a day and replace the fourth one with a low-calorie meal consisting of non-starchy veg and lean protein.

When you’ve reached the final week of your Six-Week Plan, you swap out one more meal replacement product for a low-calorie meal, so you’ll be consuming two OPTIFAST products and two low-calorie meals per day.

If you want some inspiration for those low-calorie meals, we have a growing collection of recipes, ranging from banana pancakes to Mexican bean burgers.

Intermittent Fasting

In contrast to the Six-Week Plan, our Intermittent Fasting Plans give you the flexibility to follow a weight loss plan without having to restrict your calorie intake for several days, because you’ll alternate between periods of fasting and ‘feasting’.

On fasting days, you’ll enjoy four OPTIFAST products per day – perhaps a Bar for breakfast, Shake at lunchtime and a Soup and Dessert in the evening.

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On ‘feasting’ days, you’ll consume three low-calorie meals made with conventional foods instead of OPTIFAST products, aiming for 1,200 calories per day for women, and 1,500 calories per day for men.

Partial Meal Replacement

If you don’t think our Intermittent Fasting Plans are right for you, we also have a Partial Meal Replacement Plan with different levels of intensity. Regardless of the level you choose, there’s no set amount for how many OPTIFAST products you should have each day – you get to decide how many meals you replace each day. However, keep in mind, the more meals you replace, the more weight you’re likely to lose.

If you choose to follow our Intense Level Partial Meal Replacement Plan, we recommend that you consume three OPTIFAST products a day, alongside one low-calorie meal, aiming to stay between 1,200 and 1,500 calories in total for the day.

On the Advanced Level Partial Meal Replacement Plan, you consume only two OPTIFAST products a day, along with two low-calorie meals, again aiming for 1,200-1,500 calories.

Maintenance Plan

Whether you’ve reached your goal weight or a weight that you’re happy with and want to maintain, you can continue to use any of the OPTIFAST products.

On the OPTIFAST Maintenance Plan, we recommend replacing at least one of your daily meals with one or two OPTIFAST products, while the rest of your meals for the day are made using healthy, low-calorie conventional foods. In total, you should aim for a total of 1,400-1,700 calories per day.

Did you know that OPTIFAST has been selected as a preferred supplier for the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme by Oviva, a provider for the programme? Find out more about this here:

OPTIFAST & The NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme


OPTIFAST & The NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme

OPTIFAST is a preferred product supplier of Oviva, an NHS Low-Calorie Diet Programme provider.

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