How to Get Creative with OPTIFAST Products

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Each of the OPTIFAST diet plans are centred around a great range of meal replacement products – a collection of tasty Meal Replacement Bars, Shakes, Soups and Desserts – which all come in a variety of flavours.

Our meal replacement bars are a great quick fix for when you’re on the go, but if you’ve been following one of our weight loss plans for a while, you might be in need of some new and creative ways to enjoy the rest of our OPTIFAST meal replacement products.

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Just by adding extra flavourings, spices, fresh fruit or even just some ice cubes, you can transform your OPTIFAST Shake, Soup or Dessert into a totally different meal to help keep your weight loss journey as variety-filled as possible – just remember to factor in any additional ingredients to your total calorie count for the day.

Customise Your OPTIFAST Shake

Instead of adding water, you can customise your OPTIFAST Shake by adding ice, fruit or even blended vegetables, creating a totally different drink.

Our OPTIFAST Coffee Shake is lovely when it’s blended with ice to create an Iced Mocha Smoothie, while our Vanilla Shake makes a great base for a fresh or frozen fruit smoothie. You can even try adding some leafy greens like spinach or kale (see our OPTIFAST Green Smoothie) for a healthy and refreshing breakfast.

You can even use our Shakes to create a tasty, low-calorie dessert. For example, our Strawberry Whip Pudding recipe features our Meal Replacement Strawberry Shake Mix combined with jelly and fresh strawberries, making a delectable sweet treat.

Get Creative with Your OPTIFAST Soup

We’ve created a detailed guide on how to get the most from your OPTIFAST Soup, but there are a few quick ways you can transform your Soup Mix into a simple, light meal.

Try adding chilli flakes, paprika, chilli powder or cumin to your soup mix for a fiery kick of heat or a handful of chopped fresh or dried herbs for a more subtle flavour.

You can also try adding a handful of spinach to your Meal Replacement Tomato Soup Mix, like in our Tomato Florentine Soup recipe, or some steamed vegetables to your Meal Replacement Vegetable Soup Mix like in our tasty Cauliflower Soup recipe. Just remember to count those extra vegetables in your total calories for the day.

Make Your OPTIFAST Dessert Your Own

Our OPTIFAST Desserts come in two flavours, Vanilla and Chocolate, which are tasty on their own and also when they’re blended with a variety of fruit and flavourings.

If you’re in need of a little sweet treat and want to try something new, try our Chocolate & Passion Fruit Pots recipe, which adds passion fruit to our Meal Replacement Chocolate Dessert Mix, or add a few drops of peppermint extract to create a heavenly Chocolate Mint Supreme.

Other ways you can personalise your OPTIFAST Dessert could be by adding a sprinkling of chilli flakes to our Chocolate Shake Mix for a spicy and sweet chocolate chilli pudding or by serving your dessert alongside a handful of mini marshmallows for an extra special occasion. Whatever you choose, make sure you add the extra calories to your daily total.

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Depending on which OPTIFAST diet plan you’re following, the number of meal replacement products you use each day may change. Find out everything you need to know about this here:

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