OPTIFAST Banana & Caramel Meal Replacement Shakes Now Available

OPTIFAST Meal Replacement Shakes with Caramel and Banana.

We’re excited to announce that two new flavours have joined the range of OPTIFAST meal replacement shakes: Banana and Caramel.

Bringing more variety to your OPTIFAST weight loss journey, these tasty new flavours join our Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Coffee Shakes. Which one will you try first?!

Banana Meal Replacement Shakes

Our new banana-flavoured meal replacement shake is the second fruity addition to join our range, alongside our popular Strawberry Shake.

The OPTIFAST banana-flavoured shake is only 216 calories and high in quality protein and fibre, making it a great breakfast option.

Just like our other meal replacement shakes, the OPTIFAST Banana Shake provides a blend of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to help keep you healthy throughout your weight loss journey.

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Caramel Meal Replacement Shakes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our new caramel-flavoured OPTIFAST Shake, which joins other sweet favourites like the Chocolate Shake and Chocolate Dessert. Its rich and creamy taste means it can feel like a real treat when you’re following an OPTIFAST weight loss plan.

You could even add a pinch of sea salt to your shake mix and create your own twist on a salted caramel milkshake while still staying on track to your weight loss goals.

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How to Prepare OPTIFAST Meal Replacement Shakes

To prepare any of our OPTIFAST Shakes, simply:

  • Empty the sachet of shake mix in 200ml of cold water
  • Using our shaker, shake until dissolved or mix well with a fork or whisk until smooth
  • Drink immediately

More Variety for Your Weight Loss Journey

The launch of our Banana and Caramel meal replacement shakes brings even more variety to your weight loss journey, regardless of which OPTIFAST diet plan you follow.

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Why Should I Choose OPTIFAST Shakes?

OPTIFAST Shakes are:

  • High in protein
  • Contain essential vitamins and minerals
  • A good source of fibre
  • Available in a great choice of tasty flavours
  • Convenient and easy to make

We’ve also recently launched our brand new OPTIFAST Protein Plus Shakes. Find out more about these thick-texture protein meal replacement shakes here:

Introducing...OPTIFAST Protein Plus


Introducing...OPTIFAST Protein Plus

Discover OPTIFAST Protein Plus Shakes - protein meal replacement shakes for your weight loss journey.

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