Amazing Facts about Weight Loss

Amazing facts about weight loss. Two women dancing.

Do you know how much time your stomach takes to tell the brain that it’s full? 20 long minutes!!! This means that by the time your stomach tells your brain that you’re no longer hungry, a whole twenty minutes have passed, and you have likely finished all your food! That’s why the NHS recommends eating slowly to give your stomach enough time to register just how much you’ve eaten. By doing this, you are less likely to overeat and will be more likely to succeed on your weight loss journey. If you want to know more amazing facts about weight loss, stay tuned until the end of this video. 

Now we’re going to share some fun facts about weight loss to help you shed those unwanted pounds more effectively. If you eat from plates that are red in colour, you are more likely to eat less. But, why is this? Well, since the colour red is a sign of danger, it subconsciously encourages us to ingest a smaller quantity of food, avoiding overeating. 

Next, good news for chocolate lovers! Eaten in moderation, dark chocolate can help the reduction of abdominal fat, which is a major concern for many people. Studies have shown that the antioxidants present in dark chocolate help metabolic functions in addition to decreasing inflammation and enhancing cognitive function.  

However, for better weight loss results here is the trick: When you ‘indulge’, eat one ounce of high-quality chocolate which is low in added sugar and high in cocoa. 

Now, before we look at one of the most interesting facts about weight loss, have you ever considered the fact that by simply losing weight you can contribute to supporting a more sustainable environment?  


According to research, if all overweight individuals around the world were to reduce their weight by 10 kilos, then this would result in a decrease of 49.56 megatons of CO2. And in addition to reducing CO2 emissions, we would see a huge potential benefit for global health.  


Now, we must bust the myth of spot reduction. Despite what you may have heard, you cannot burn your belly fat with crunches. Only a diet in a caloric deficit can help burn fat, but you don’t get to choose where the fat comes off first! 

These are a few of the informative yet amazing facts about dieting and weight loss. 

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