How We Fit the OPTIFAST Plan into Our Lifestyles

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Making the transition to a new weight loss plan can be an exciting but also slightly uncertain time. With any new diet plan, there are new rules to follow, such as avoiding certain foods and ingredients or adjusting to using meal replacement products.

You’ll soon get into a routine and not even have to think about it, but it’s always reassuring to hear about other people’s experiences, how they adjusted and how they fit a new diet plan into their lifestyles.

Eleonora and Chris have shared how they’ve been using OPTIFAST meal replacement products in their daily routines.

“Handy & Perfect” When Out & About

Eleonora has been using OPTIFAST meal replacement products when she’s out and about to help manage her hunger and stay on her healthy eating and weight loss plan.

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Eleonora uses OPTIFAST meal replacement bars – which are available in Berry, Cereal, Chocolate, Cappuccino and Almond, Date & Honey flavours – to make sure she always has something healthy and filling to eat when she’s on the go.

“The bars are so handy and perfect to carry with me when I’m out for work to make sure I don’t forget my meals.”

OPTIFAST Bars are a great source of protein and fibre which helps keep you feeling full longer and hunger at bay. You can have an entire bar as a snack or split it up and use one half for your morning snack and the other for your afternoon snack.

“Full of Vitamins & Nutrients”

Chris has been using OPTIFAST meal replacement bars in his exercise routine as a source of protein, especially after going for a run.

“When I have a little craving after a run, I always have an OPTIFAST protein bar, full of vitamins and nutrients!”

“OMG I Love It!”

Chris has also been using OPTIFAST Soups after a workout to get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients he needs to replenish his body and help support his journey. So far, he says he has loved using them!

“I absolutely love to have a soup after my workout … you can have your soup cold or warm. I prefer mine gazpacho style so I can mix it in my shaker!”

Get tips on how to make the most out of your OPTIFAST meal replacement soups.

That’s one of the many great things about the OPTIFAST meal replacement products – you can customise them to suit your personal tastes. For example, try OPTIFAST Chocolate Shake Mix in this refreshing mocha smoothie recipe or turn your OPTIFAST Vegetable Soup into a tasty cauliflower soup.

Find more inspiration on how to get creative with OPTIFAST products here:

How to Get Creative with OPTIFAST Products


How to Get Creative with OPTIFAST Products

Discover how to customise your favourite OPTIFAST meal replacement products.

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