Fakeaways: How to Make Low-Calorie Versions of Your Favourite Meals

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Fakeaways are an ideal way to enjoy your favourite foods and flavours when you’re following a weight loss plan. With a few clever tweaks, you can create a low-calorie yet still delectably delicious version.

From Mexican-inspired burgers to low-calorie pizza to Vietnamese-inspired dishes, let’s take a look at how you can make your favourite takeaway dishes at home.

What is a Fakeaway?

The word ‘fakeaway’ blends ‘fake’ with ‘takeaway’; fakeaways are homemade, healthier versions of your favourite takeaway or restaurant meals. By making healthier swaps you can reduce the calories, without compromising on the flavour. A fakeaway can be anything from a curry to an Asian-inspired stir-fry to a makeshift pizza or even a homemade burger.

homemade lentil curry

When you’re following an OPTIFAST Intermittent Fasting or Partial Meal Replacement Plan, you’re able to enjoy some low-calorie meals along with your OPTIFAST meal replacement products. Just keep in mind that they should be centred around lean protein and non-starchy vegetables, so get creative and recreate your favourite takeaway dishes with a healthier twist! You don’t have to just stick to stir fries or salads.

Fakeaway Inspiration

Here are some of our favourite low-calorie fakeaway recipes:

Fakeaway Pizza

You can still enjoy pizza when you’re following a low-calorie diet plan, just by making a few smart swaps. Instead of tucking into a traditional doughy, stuffed crust pizza base, a pitta bread can be a great alternative for your toppings.

And instead of loading your pizza with full-fat cheese, pepperoni or meatballs, opt for grilled vegetables and reduced-fat cheese.

homemade pitta bread pizza

You can also combine tomato passata and a few fresh herbs to make a healthier pizza sauce. This pitta pizza takes just a few minutes to put together and grill, meaning your fakeaway pizza will be on your plate much quicker than a takeaway!

Get the full recipe to make your own pitta bread pizza.

Fakeaway Burgers

Mexican-inspired burgers might sound like a real indulgence, but you can keep the calories low by following this Mexican bean burgers recipe.

Made using kidney beans, which are a brilliant plant-based and lean protein, these tasty homemade burgers are packed with spice and a little heat for a real kick of flavour. Top them off with a touch of fresh salsa.

Chinese-Inspired Fakeaways

Our collection of low-calorie recipes also includes several Chinese and Vietnamese-inspired fakeaway dishes, including vegetable summer rolls, skinny Singapore noodles and Vietnamese chicken lettuce cups.

vegetable summer rolls

By using plenty of fresh vegetables, low-salt soy sauce, thin rice noodles and ground spices, you can make a whole host of Chinese-inspired dishes that are lower in calories yet packed full of flavour.

How to Make a Fakeaway Curry

You can easily rustle up a healthier homemade Indian feast just by making some of these simple swaps:

  • Swap creamy or coconut-based sauces for passata
  • Swap ready-made, oil-based curry pastes with fresh or dried spices
  • Swap red meat for lean chicken, fish or vegetables
  • Swap basmati rice to cauliflower rice

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