Start Your OPTIFAST Journey this Black Friday

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This Black Friday is a time to treat yourself to some great savings, and what better way to practise self-care this winter than by making an investment in your diet? 

 This Cyber Weekend, you can save money on our weight loss plans and meal replacement products. 

Take a look at some of the best Black Friday meal replacement deals below:  

Will Meal Replacement Shakes be on Sale?  

You can save on OPTIFAST Shakes throughout Black Friday weekend. Our shakes come in a variety of flavours and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, to help support you on your weight loss journey. The high protein and fibre content make them an excellent breakfast or lunch option. 

You can even customise your OPTIFAST Shake Mix with a few clever tweaks – use the OPTIFAST Chocolate Shake Mix and turn it into an OPTIFAST Mocha Smoothie, or enjoy our vanilla or strawberry shake as a vibrant and delicious OPTIFAST Green Smoothie. 

Save on OPTIFAST Protein Plus 

Our Protein Plus Shakes provide you with 28g of protein per serving, which is higher than our standard meal replacement shake. This is great for those who are taking part in additional exercise during their weight loss journey, as it provides you with additional proteins that may contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.  

Available in in two flavours: vanilla and chocolate, these shakes are normally recommended during the first-three weeks intense phase of your diet plan as the adequate protein intake may help you feeling fuller for longer. They can also be introduced as part of our maintenance plan, where you’ll just replace one of your conventional meals each day to help you maintain your weight loss. 

Whether you’re just starting your journey or coming to the end, treat yourself to our protein shakes this Black Friday and get them at a great price.  

Stock Up on Diet Store Cupboard Essentials 

Stock up on any of the OPTIFAST Bars, Meal Replacement Soups and Desserts, which come in a variety of flavours and are cupboard essentials when you’re following a calorie-restricted diet. 

Whether you’re peckish, need a quick snack when you’re out and about or using it as one of your meals, our meal replacement bars are packed with 20 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, D, E, and B12. These vitamins are accountable for several bodily functions such as immune system support and energy production. Choose from cereal, berry, chocolate and cappuccino so you can enjoy a different one every day. 

For the colder weather or the days you want a little extra comfort, make sure you’ve got a good stash of our warming tomato and potato & leek soups. The low-calorie soups are easy to prepare and provide you with a heartwarming meal packed with essential nutrients including zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, C, D, E and K, as well as 20g of protein to support your body and weight loss journey.  

You can also indulge your sweet tooth while staying on track with our vanilla and chocolate desserts. These puddings are low in calories (216) and high in protein and fibre, so you can seamlessly incorporate them into your diet without needing to make any adjustments to your plan. 

Invest in Your Future for Less 

Our Black Friday diet deals are also an ideal time to buy our Starter Pack for less, allowing you to kick-start your weight loss journey with a discounted price. This limited-edition starter pack is designed to make the transition to your OPTIFAST journey seamless. 

Providing a variety of flavours and meals, this kit consists of four shakes, three bars, a soup dessert and a free shaker.  


Now that you’re aware of some of the meal replacement deals we have for Cyber Weekend, it’s time to go shopping and discover what more we have in store for Black Friday. Or if these offers have piqued your curiosity about our diet programmes, you can learn more about them and how they can assist you in reaching your weight loss goals here: 


How OPTIFAST Can Support Your Weight Loss Journey


How OPTIFAST Can Support Your Weight Loss Journey

Discover how to kickstart your weight loss with OPTIFAST meal replacement products.

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Health & Nutrition Expert

Health & Nutrition Expert

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